Providing the right resources for a thriving and productive neurodiverse workforce. Accredited training & support services.

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Specialist strategy coaching for dyslexia and associated neurodivergent conditiions. Workplace needs assessments. Screening & guidance. Consultancy.
Founders of the Dyslexia Champions (TM) training & accreditation programme which includes; 7 neurodivergent conditions, listening skills, wellbeing mental health and has an OCN Level 2 (Pathways to Support).
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Specialist support providers - for supporting a neurodiverse workforce.

Accredited training, bespoke training, consultancy, screening, workplace needs assessments and strategy coaching.

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A boutique consultancy specialising in neurodiversity in the workplace with a proven track record of successful outcomes ...and satisfied clients across all sectors.
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Specialist Training:
Neurodiversity Aware ® training & accreditation.
Neuroinclusive Practice ® training & accreditation.
Dyslexia Champions ™ training & accreditation,
Bespoke training.

Specialist Support Services:

Screening, Information and Guidance Service.
Workplace Needs Assessments (BDA qualified).
XL-Strategy® coaching (workplace/worktask focused).

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